WxBlog / 20071215

Winter Storm Prelude?

Very light snow began falling about 10:30 this morning (12-15) and continued throughout the day with occasional breaks. By nightfall, we had barely managed a half an inch of snow. The snow picked up slightly in intensity then, with sleet mixed in at times. By 22:15, we had a bit over an inch of snow on the ground. As of now (01:00 12-16), we have perhaps two inches of snow.

From the radar images throughout the day, it looks as though the first center of snow moved to the south and east of us throughout the day; and the second appears to be moving to the west and north of us tonight. The NWS is still hanging on to its forecast of 8 to 12 inches of snow by nightfall Sunday. The NWS forecast also mentions the possibility of thundersnow (cool!).

The current Indianapolis radar (below) shows two intense pockets of snow (perhaps 40-50 miles in diameter) headed our way. One just entering southern Allen County (near Bluffton) stretching back to Muncie, and the second stretching south-southeast from Bloomington.

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