WxBlog / 20071210

Ice Storm, Round 1

With a stationary front a bit south of the Ohio River that is expected to stay in place for a few days, with transient lows kicking out of Texas and tracking along it, the scenario that brought ¼" of ice to Fort Wayne by mid-morning yesterday (Dec 9) is expected to repeat once or twice over the next few days.

The warm moist air from Dixie overrunning the relatively colder air entrenched over the Midwest (particularly northern Indiana and northwest Ohio) brought a brief period of sleet late Saturday evening which quickly degenerated into freezing rain, which lasted about 16 hours, ending around 16:00 Sunday afternoon.

My anemometer froze about 13:45 Sunday, and hasn't thawed out yet even though the temperature was (barely) above freezing for almost two hours this afternoon.


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