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3 inches of snow from a classic clipper

A fairly classic Alberta Clipper storm swooped across MN, WI, northern IL & southern Lake Michigan into northern IN yesterday (Dec 4th). Snow began at our house around 2100-2130. For 12 hours, we had a steady light snow, leaving 3" on my deck. The snow measured 4-6" on the yard; but being the first real snow of the season, the grass hasn't packed down yet. The main core of the storm passed a little to our west and south (probably closer to here than Indianapolis), where unconfirmed reports of up to 6" have been heard.

This past Saturday (Dec 1st) beginning around 1430, we had 30-45 minutes of nearly moderate snow (no more than ¼"), about an hour of sleet, and then a couple of hours of freezing rain, before changing over to several hours of rain (through Sunday evening). The temperatures had been cold enough that the snow stuck on the streets in our neighborhood, and then the sleet and freezing rain glazed them over to make driving quite treacherous until late in the evening on Saturday.


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