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Drought buster?

There hasn't been a whole lot of weather to talk about for the last couple of months. We've already had 10 days with highs above 90° so far this year; but very little rain since early May.

Until the last couple of days, that is.

We were last at our normal year-to-date precipitation on 17 May, and by Monday (16 July), we had dropped to 4.72" (23%) below normal.

We had some light showers for a couple of hours Tuesday morning, adding only 0.2" to our rain bucket. And the forecast was (at that time) for little else to fall for the foreseeable future.

The forecast changed a bit as the front stalled out over us. And by Wednesday evening a cluster of intense thunderstorms was slowly bearing down on us, coming from the South Bend area.

The lightning show arrived before the rain; and became extremely frequent and quite close (a few strikes were accompanied by immediate thunder) as 11PM neared. Then the floodgates of heaven opened and within that first hour we had 1.96" of rain. By the time the trailing edge of the storm moved on a little after 3AM, we had received 2.82" in the bucket.

Another thunderstorm passed over the area this afternoon, leaving 0.59" of rain in the half hour ending at 3PM. This gave us a total of 3.41" in less than 24 hours.

Here on the NE side of Fort Wayne, we were on the southwestern fringe of the NW-SE line of most intense rainfall. A few miles W of us, Smith Field/Ludwig Park (KINFORTW13) received 2.55" in that same 24 hours; while WSW of us, at work (KINFORTW12) there was only 0.91" of rain. The Fort Wayne International Airport (SW of Fort Wayne) officially reported 1.02" of rain for the same period.

There were anecdotal reports of up to 6" of rain in the Kendallville - Garrett area, but I haven't found any proof of that, yet.

We still have below normal precipitation for the year so far, but now we are only 7% below normal. Maybe my yard will lose its brown luster for a few days! There is no mention of rain in the seven day forecast, so any greenness will probably not last long.


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