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Late season snow

Spring break for the local public schools seemed more like a winter break here in Fort Wayne, at least from Wednesday on. The week started off Spring-like, with the temperature topping out around 75°F on Tuesday (3 April 2007). The next day, we had occasional snow showers throughout the day (with no accumulation) and then a more steady light snow in the evening which produced a significant trace of white stuff on the ground. The snow showers continued for the remainder of the week through Easter Sunday (8 April 2007), mostly due to a steady northwest flow over Lake Michigan that produced a lake effect snow extending across Fort Wayne and into northwestern Ohio. The ground was whitened nearly every morning; but never any measurable accumulation (my minimum “measurable accumulation” is ¼").
Spring snow

Except for the day of precipitation on Wednesday (11 April 2007) began with nearly 0.1" snow before transitioning to sleet and then moderate rain, the weather moderated somewhat this week. That is, until yesterday (14 April 2007). A light to moderate snow, often mixed with a light rain or mist, began falling around 1600 and continued until around 2300. We had approximately 1.5" snow covering everything except paved surfaces by the time it was over.

Fort Wayne officially reported 1.6" of snowfall for the day, shattering the old record snowfall of 0.7".

The photo at right was taken shortly before 2300 on 14 April. It is of our backyard, the strange ghostly band of light is due to me moving the camera before the shutter closed. Note the straight lines in the snow (click on the image to see a bigger version of it), those are caused by the tracks left by our lawn mower --- the yard was mowed the day before the snow.


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