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COLD and some more snow

Today ended a streak of consecutive days with mean daily temperatures of single digits — from 3–10 Feb the mean daily temperature stayed below 10°F. On the 4th & 5th, the mean daily temperature was 0°F and -0.2°F, respectively. On five of those eight days, the minimum temperature was below zero, with the coldest being -5.6°F on the 5th. On three consecutive days, the 4th through the 6th, the daily maximum temperature was in the single digits. From the 2nd through the 4th, blustery winds drove the windchill into the -20°F range.

Fort Wayne tied or set new records for coldest daily maximum temperature on the 5th, 6th (tied), and 7th.

Minor snow accompanied the influx of bitter cold air, with 0.2" on the 2nd and 0.1" on the 3rd (in a near whiteout around noon that lasted for about 10 minutes, with winds up to 26mph recorded by my sheltered anemometer).

More significant snow started around 1100 on the 6th. Light to moderate snow fell throughout daylight hours, amounting to a very fluffy 2" by 1830. Snow then tapered off and added only another ½" by midnight. The snow cover here Wednesday morning was in the 4–5" range.

Fluffy snow
photo © 2007 AWColley

This, and four other photos taken the day after the snowfall, can be seen in my Weather Underground (wunderground.com) photo series for Feb 7, 2007.



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