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I wish I had a camera here at work

Radar animation
This is the first moderately heavy snow (at least during daylight hours) this season. We had a couple of inches of lake effect snow over the weekend. The first inch came Saturday evening after dark; and the second came from about 0900 to 1500 Sunday. Both times, it was a light snow with very small flakes. Our current snowfall began modestly, but around 1400 picked up significantly reducing visibility for moments to less than half a mile. The snowflakes are generously sized (up to one inch diameter). On the radar, it was a brief blip of scattered “yellow” than passed over the west side of Fort Wayne.

A very curious feature shown on the radar image is what looks like the eye of a hurricane. Except, there is no apparent rotation around it, it is simply a circular hole in the snowfall. It is not centered on the radar location, and is moving with the snow, so I don’t think it is any sort of instrumentation artifact. Just a round hole in the blob of snow moving through our area today.

UPDATE (2300): At home, we wound up with 1 additional inch of snow from this afternoon’s event. The extra burst that came through at work contained about ½" more. The 3" of snow cover may be the most we’ve had in over a year.


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