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Winter 05-06 begins at last

Though we had a rather cool snap at the end of October that brought lows of 29° on the 26th and 26° on the 29th, truly cold air held off until 16-18 November. With a high of 28°, the 17th is the only day so far this season with temperatures below freezing all day; the lows of 14° on the 17th and 13° on the 18th are the lowest of the season so far.

The other noteworthy occurrence on the 17th was the first snowfall. Several snow showers passed through Fort Wayne during the day, occasionally covering mulch (but no other ground cover) by 30% with snow pellets.

The first measurable snowfall of the season occurred on the 23rd. Snow began before 7:30am and continued through noontime, with a total accumulation of 2". That day also saw the lowest barometric reading since I got my Davis Vantage Pro2 (significantly lower than when the remnants of Rita passed over us): 29.21"Hg.


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