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24th Snowfall of 2002-03 Season

I have been remiss in updating this blog.

Snowfall 21
About ½ inch last Thursday morning (13 Feb 03).

Snowfall 22
About 1 inch last Saturday (15 Feb 03), after they had predicted nearly 6 inches. BUMMER!

Snowfall 23
About ½ inch last Sunday (16 Feb 03).

Snowfall 24
It started out Saturday (22 Feb 03) raining, and then we had periods of sleet after noon. Finally, at around 14:45 snowflakes began to mix in with the rain/sleet. Within an hour it was snowing moderately.

The snow continued throughout the evening, quite heavy at times. The wind was quite gusty, and quite a few times it looked like a true blizzard outside. Around 2100 (that’s a guess) we had THUNDERSNOW!!!! There were two very bright lightning flashes, and the second was followed closely by distinct thunder.

The snow tapered off by 0200 Sunday morning, and there was a wind-wiped 8 inches of snow on the ground. Well, that’s my best guess anyway, since the wind blew some spots nearly bare while some of the drifts were about 1½ feet deep. There was 6 to 10 inches on the driveway (with 7 to 8 being the most common), and there was 7 to 11 inches on the sidewalk along the front of the house (with 8 to 9 being the most common).

It was absolutely beautiful out today, with the sun shining on the new fallen snow!

Season snowfall: 41¾ to 42¾ inches.


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