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2012 Year in Review

Man, it's been nearly three years since I added to this blog?!?! Shame on me. Last year was notably warm and dry; here's how I summarized it on Facebook:

My climate report for 2012 (with 7 full years of data): 1) the average temperature was 1.7 degrees warmer than the next warmest year [2006] and 2.5 degrees above the 7-year average; and 2) precipitation was 6" (22%) less than the next driest year [2010] and 13" (37%) less than the third driest year [2007]. In short, 2012 was remarkably warm and dry for us.

Our regional forecast office (IWX) has a much more detailed look back at 2012 for their CWA: The Year in Weather - 2012

UPDATE 2013-01-09
The National Weather Service also has a detailed look back at 2012 for the entire country: State of the Climate - National Overview 2012


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