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2010's "Big One?" takes a break

The snow has taken a break here in Fort Wayne. It continued throughout the day, with some extended periods of moderate snow; we never had any periods of heavy snow though. By 7pm we had picked up an addition 3"; and added another 1.6" by 11pm. Total for the storm so far, then, is 6.1". Our big one of the season so far, but an awfully pitiful "big one".

The upper level low dropped down into the lower Ohio Valley and began following the Ohio River northeastward. It is now over the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

The surface low tracked in a north-northeasterly direction over east central Kentucky and through Ohio. It now centered just east of Cleveland.

It seems the two never quite got it together today, leading to our less than hoped for performance. However, I don't think it is quite done with us yet. Although the inevitable dry slot has pushed the snow north of Fort Wayne for now, it looks like snow on the backside of the low should drop back into our area within a couple of hours. Perhaps we'll get another couple of inches.

Sometime during the day, the NI WFO backed down the projected storm totals from "8 to 12 inches" to "5 to 10 inches"; presumably they noticed the upper level low and surface low weren't working together as hoped much sooner than I did, since they get paid to do that and I don't.

Final Update (written 2010-02-19) The total snowfall for the storm came in at 6.6", with a liquid equivalent of 0.37".


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