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Thanksgiving / Black Friday snow showers; record November daily rainfall

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While we were at the Komets game Thanksgiving evening, snow showers passed over that part of Fort Wayne, coming to an end shortly after the Komets snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by giving up four goals in a seven minute stretch in the middle of the third period. At least I did get my first autograph on my Komets jersey, Guy Dupuis #2.

Anyway, there was about ¼" snow (mixed flakes and pellets) on the vehicles in the parking lot and on the grassy areas at about 2230 as we moped out of the coliseum. As we drove home, snow cover disappeared somewhere between Maplecrest and Lahmeyer Roads; only flurries had occurred at home.

Black Friday morning, I awoke at 0823 and noticed about ¼" snow on the fallen leaves in the yard and on the deck. Sunshine was breaking through and snow in unshaded areas quickly melted.

These snow showers were tail ends of fingers of lake-effect snow streaming southeastward from Lake Michigan.

By the way, we had an official record rainfall on the day before Thanksgiving. The NWS station at the airport reported 2.44" of rain that day. Not only did this shatter the old record for 11-21 of 0.88", it also set a new single November day record, besting the 2.4" of 1992-11-12. We “only” had 1.64" here on the northeast side of Fort Wayne.


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