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Heavy rains beginning on the Fourth of July

About 4pm on the Fourth of July, the first line of strong thunderstorms plowed through Fort Wayne, with strong winds, frequent lightning, and very heavy rainfall. At our house, we registered 2.95" of rain from the storm. One “train” of thunderstorms set up in the county south of here (Adams) and dumped heavy rains all night there, some areas receiving more than seven inches.

During the early morning hours of Saturday and again Sunday, a line of thunderstorms moved through; but the total rainfall at our house from both was only .30".

Another heavy line of thunderstorms plowed through the area Sunday evening, dumping 2.30" of rain.

Around 1am Tuesday morning, yet another line of strong thunderstorms moved through (strong winds and frequent lightning), adding another 0.25" to the rain bucket.

As I write this, another line of thunderstorms has just moved through and there is yet another one about an hour behind it!


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