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19th Snowfall of 2002-03 Season

Feb 3rd was another snow killer kind of day. Thick advection fog (at times reducing visibility below ¼ mile) blanketed the region most of the day as southerly breezes brought balmy temperatures (all the way up to 49 by 9pm) for the first time into the 40s since Jan 9th (in fact, from the 10th to the 30th, the temperature never exceeded freezing!). By the time the wind shifted around to the northwest shortly after 10pm, all but the deepest drifts had disappeared.

From that point, the temperature plummeted nearly 15 degrees in an hour, and then slowly drifted downward all day as brutal winds of 20-30 mph (with gusts up to 39mph) carried lake effect snow all the way to Fort Wayne and points east. By the time the winds died down late Tuesday night, we had nearly an inch of snow on the ground.

Season snowfall: 31 to 32 inches.


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